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Bloomfield Community Television

A few videos from what I supervise in my role as Executive Producer for Bloomfield Community Television.
The first series is from Living in Bloomfield, a 30-minute show that's made up of shorter packages that we publish on social media. The second series Coffee with Carrie, is recorded LIVE and broadcast on Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn. People can ask questions while the show is happening.

Bloomfield Township: Text
Living in Bloomfield 'Episode 1' INCOMPLETE ROUGH EDIT
Sylvan Table Presents Invasive Species Cuisine for Johnson Nature Center Forest to Table Event
Welcome to The Senior Center!
Living In Bloomfield Intro DRAFT
Johnson Nature Center DRAFT
Household Hazardous Waste Day 2022
Take a tour of points-of-interest along Bloomfield Township's Safety Paths
Where can I put my Temporary Sign?
Bloomfield Township: Showreel