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Carrie LeZotte

In my role with Bloomfield Township, I serve as Executive Producer for the cable station community television productions, which serve the Township, Birmingham, Bingham Farms, Franklin Village and Beverly Hills. As Director of Community Relations, I manage Township communications, including press releases, social media, a printed quarterly newsletter, grants and engagement activity.

Previously, my love for technology (and my husband) brought me to work at Spectrum Forensics. He started the company in 2004 and in 2020 I stepped in to help manage growth and billing.

I am a seasoned producer, marketing and communications professional with corporate, educational, commercial and non-profit production expertise. My award-winning work includes political campaigns, documentaries, public television and corporate communications.

I was honored with a Vanguard Award, given by Detroit Young Professionals, an award that celebrates innovators and change-makers who have distinguished themselves through professional leadership and service and received a Voice for Victims award for their work for the animated film, "Daisy Tells a Secret," a safety video for children about body ownership.



Community Inspired Content

Under this brand name, I produced award-winning digital campaigns, documentary content, educational films and a few narrative projects. 

Operating as a non-profit for more than 25-years, we received grant funding for our projects and I raised money for independent productions.

In 2020, the non-profit officially ceased operations. You can see some of what we produced by clicking the button below.

Fixing a Computer_edited.jpg


Support for Attorneys

My love for technology (and my husband) brought me to work at Spectrum. He started the company in 2004 and in 2020 I stepped in to help manage growth and COVID related challenges.

He continues to provide advanced computer-forensic analysis, reporting, and expert-witness services; data breach, incident-response, and system-security audit services; electronic-discovery consulting and data-processing solutions.

I continue to provide emotional support!


American Sign Language Videos

OIC Movies is a database of more than 2,000 original videos in ASL, captioned in English.


It is a unique resource for studying American Sign Language, with a variety of native deaf speakers providing information and telling stories on a wide range of topics.


In includes the oral history series Silent Memoirs, where several Deaf tell talk about their personal experience with education, family relationships, work experience and more.


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