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DIY to professional



Entry-level get-it-done

These basic, inexpensive tools that can make your videos better and get you started with creating content for your small business. 

They aren't going to last forever and may not built to be portable, but are a good start for a home office or small business studio.

A little extra support can planning can go a long way - you can do it!


A big step up

I can teach you how to use this gear in one of my workshops, then you can rent it!  The cameras are still excellent work-horse cameras and this is some of what I bring if I'm working on my own, or low-budget.  Explore the sharegrid site for more owner-operator rental items in the area.

If you have a special event or want to do some interview, renting gear for a day is an affordable option.


My biggest secret

My favorite pro-tool is the Eye-Direct.  You're seeing more and more of it in commercial work, and it's the piece of gear that makes talking to camera easy.

I shoot most of my more commercial work using my Canon C100 and C300 with lenses and additional support (gear + crew!)

I'm also happy to recommend professionals who can assist with your production.

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