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DIY post-production

Post-production includes editing, music, graphics and animation.  Here are a few of my third party recommendations.


Royalty-free stock video & music

While there are free music sites out there, I have better success with my search when when I pay a bit for the music and there are lots of good stock options for video as well.


$9.99 per month

With more options for music and layers, this is what I'm recommending for DIY editing.

Arrange video, audio, graphics, and photos by dragging and dropping. Intuitive tools let you trim and crop videos, adjust audio, enhance color, and add video effects, titles, transitions, voiceovers, and more.


Don't forget to back it up!

Plan on one drive to be working, one drive backing up.  Editors back up at least their project files every day.  Ask yourself, how much are you willing to lose?

$139.95 4TB G-DRIVE

USB C ready; USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt 3 compatible

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