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Wearing White and being a Suffragette

I don't wear white and I don't recommend it for wearing on camera. I personally don't wear it because the color does nothing for my skin-tone, so a neutral blouse for me needs to be cream. If you like white, I still don't recommend wearing in on camera, because it reflects a lot of light and may create too much contrast in the overall image.

More recently, it's become the color to pay tribute to Suffragettes, and I recommend How white became the color of suffrage where you can read more on how this came to be, this contrast I'm talking about was used to advance the movement and make the white-wearing women stand out against black-suited men.

I also like to share this New York Times article, Melania Trump and the Case of the White Pantsuit. You can decide for yourself what she meant when she wore it to her husband's State of the Union. Thankfully, we're not all the first lady with the eyes of the world on you, but let this serve as a reminder that people are watching what you wear, and making a judgement.

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